Project Budgeting and Value Engineering

In the early stages of a project, Alstate Steel can assist with developing value engineering alternatives to eliminate or minimize budget and/or scheduling issues the project team faces. We provide not only technically valid engineering solutions, but also innovative engineering that best utilizes our shop’s technology, equipment, and personnel to provide the project with the best possible solution as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Conceptual Estimating

Even at the ‘back-of-the-napkin’ design phase of a project, Alstate Steel can provide steel package estimating to assist with early stage design planning. Our extensive knowledge of the steel fabrication process and time spent immersed in every aspect of the steel business gives our clients unprecedented insight even at the earliest stages of a project.

Design-Assist to Comprehensive Engineering

Our engineering team is available on every project to provide design-assist services, from basic stair and connection design, to specialized systems requiring progressive collapse resistant connections or project-specific requirements.

Our team also has the capability to provide comprehensive engineering services, ensuring that not only will the steel package be optimized to best take advantage of our fabrication process and personnel, but the entirety of the structure will be designed with real-world constructability in mind.


Alstate Steel offers all-inclusive detailing services. From the main structure to structural and architectural miscellaneous to stairs, or competent and conscientious detailers help ensure problem free fabrication and on-time delivery.


Our use of integrated building information modeling (BIM), state of the art fabrication equipment, and our team of dedicated and talented employees, allows AISC certified Alstate Steel to offer our clients quality fabrication with an unmatched commitment to integrity.


Alstate Steel provides erection services through one of our trusted partners for clients desiring a one source steel provider.

Design-Build Design through Erection Packages

Alstate Steel has assembled a team built on mutual respect and common passion to give clients a single source for true design-build projects. Comprehensive engineering services, complete and on-time detailing, quality fabrication, and erection services are provided with all the back up support described above under a single contract, eliminating work and headaches for our clients.

That said, the Alstate team was founded not to simply provide clients with one-stop shopping, but because all members of our partnership feel that together we are better than the sum of our individual efforts. It is this commitment to providing the best possible solution at the lowest possible price that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

The experience and equipment to design build & deliver

...on time

Our Services

Cost-effective steel construction
Accelerated project schedules
Reduced life-cycle costs
Future adaptability to changing requirements
Ease of integration with other building systems
Space usage and layout flexibility