Why an AISC Certified Fabricator

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) offers Quality Management Systems (QMS) certification for steel fabricators. This voluntary program is the most highly respected and recognized national certification program in the field, focusing on error prevention rather than error correction. It has set the gold standard for quality in the industry, encompassing all aspects of steel fabrication and erection. Certified fabricators, such as Alstate Steel, share that commitment to unwavering quality.

In addition to the initial certification process, Alstate participates in yearly audits. These audits compare daily company operations to written quality management procedures, and covers all aspects of company operations from employee training to management. Yearly audits also set goals for improvement. This ongoing commitment to ensuring every employee understands their specific role in producing consistently high quality steel and continual emphasis on improvement means our clients receive the best product at the lowest cost, with the fewest headaches.

Unlike inspection, which checks the finished product for errors, AISC QMS certification focuses on preventing errors from being made. Alstate is committed to that emphasis. Eliminating sources of past errors ensures that projects experience the fewest possible number of issues and associated delays.

What additional value does AISC offer our clients?

While most fabricators have written procedures, AISC certification ensures that not only have those quality management procedures been reviewed in the last 12 months, but also that the staff understands and uses the procedures in place.

Identification of areas for improvement and setting yearly goals leads to continual improvement and a QMS that changes dynamically with the industry. Procedures are kept up to date with the technology, equipment, personnel, and project requirements of today.

Additionally, the provisions of the International Building Code and the AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings allow special inspection requirements to be waived for fabricators approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Most jurisdictions accept AISC QMS certification, allowing inspection to be performed in-house, saving time and the cost of hiring a special inspector.

Choosing an AISC certified fabricator ensures an ongoing commitment to quality, leading to the best possible product delivered at the lowest cost with the fewest problems. Contact Alstate Steel today to see what value we can add to your next project.

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