Public/ Government/ Military

  1. National Plutonium Enrichment Facility
  2. Homewise, State Department
  3. Workers Compensation Building, State Department
  4. Double Eagle Airport Flight Simulator
  5. Alvarado Transportation Center
  6. State of New Mexico Environmental Department
  7. Durango Public Library
  8. Santa Fe Transit Facility
  9. Fire Station No. 6 Albuquerque
  10. Bayfield Town Hall, State Department
  11. Taos Community Auditorium
  12. Sandia National Labs Test Range Facility
  13. Mancos Public Library
  14. McKinnely County Juvenile Detention Center
  15. Williams Ignacio Gas Plant
  16. Cielo Vista Library
  17. Center for New Mexico Archeology
  18. Bloomfield Police Headquarters
  19. MDS Fire House
  20. VTE Water Headquarters
  21. Northern Domingo Baca Multi-Generation Center
  22. James McGrane Jr. Public Safety Building
  23. Puerta de Luna Fire Station
  24. Fort Bliss Simulation Center
  25. Isleta Library
  26. NM State Police Building
  27. Lea County Safety Complex
  28. Torrance County Magistrate Court
  29. CAFB Bldg. 2328
  30. Farmington Readiness Center
  31. Sandia Labs Research Reactor
  32. MTC Simulator Bays Building
  33. CAFB Corrosion Control Hangar
  34. F16 Hydrazine Facility
  35. Armament Shop & Fuel Cell Facility
  36. CAFB Small Arms Firing Range
  37. MC130 Squadron Ops Facility
  38. MC130 Simulator Facility
  39. FY12 SOF AC Maintenance Facility
  40. CAFB Dormitory
  41. AFNWC Sustainment Center

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