Hewlett Packard Office Building – Rio Rancho, NM

Hewlett Packard’s new facility in the Rio Rancho City Centre is a 218, 000 square foot, three story contact center / office building. HP initially employed 1, 350 employees, although the building will house 1600 at full capacity.  The design of the facility incorporates various amenities for the benefit of HP employees including: 

  • food service facility
  • fitness facility with changing areas
  • showers and lockers
  • secure outdoor bicycle storage
  • outdoor dining

A large commons area connecting the two building entries provides space for circulation, collaboration and ‘all-hands’ gatherings.  An open office work environment is the primary use of the main areas, with only a few closed offices and conference rooms toward the center of each wing.  Open collaboration spaces are situated throughout the open office environment to facilitate informal interaction and ideation.

Location:  Rio Rancho, NM
Size:  218, 000 sf

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