Wallis Steel and Metal Products, LLC

Wallis Steel and Metal Products was founded by Jeff T. Wallis in 2010. This company was formed to handle one of a kind projects and to use our design and innovative expertise in the steel industry to perform on projects most companies would pass on.

Our process is to meet with our clients who are in need of a solution to problems they are encountering in their industry. We have the ability to design and develop specific products for each specific industry and resolve such problems our clients are in need to fix. We have designed, developed and patented many products such as our “Stabilizer” for the oil industry to help protect completion rigs, lower the cost of liability and keep production in the fields moving forward without future incidents. Wallis Steel and Metal Products has a proven track record of servicing successfully a wide range of industries and enhancing their abilities to increase productivity.

The experience and equipment to design build & deliver

...on time

Our Services

Cost-effective steel construction
Accelerated project schedules
Reduced life-cycle costs
Future adaptability to changing requirements
Ease of integration with other building systems
Space usage and layout flexibility