Laura Wallis, CFO

A Favorite Destination: Bahamas
A Dream Destination: Scottland
A Hobby: Planting flowers
A Book: Every day is Friday (Joel Olsten)
A Song: Sweet Caroline (by Niel Diamond)
A Drink: Red Wine (Frantesca)
First Car: Grimlin (yes oh my)
Super Hero Power: Magic (Genie to grant wishes)
Surprising Skill: Decorating
Coast, High Desert or Mountains: Hard to answer I’m a 50/50 person Coast & Mountains
Words to Live By:Life is like a runaway train, you have two choices, 1. Jump on for an adventure or 2. Stand at the tracks and watch it go by. What is your life worth?

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Cost-effective steel construction
Accelerated project schedules
Reduced life-cycle costs
Future adaptability to changing requirements
Ease of integration with other building systems
Space usage and layout flexibility