Jeff Wallis, CEO

Jeff Wallis is the CEO of Alstate Steel. His innovation and commitment are the driving force behind the success and growth of the company. Jeff plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the company and emphasizes a hands-on approach in contract negotiations, project kick-offs and client interactions. Jeff comes from a long lineage of family run steel fabrication shops. Before he could walk, he started learning the business of fabrication and has performed in every position imaginable since then, from sweeping floors to welding. Jeff re-located his business from California to New Mexico in 1996.

Alstate Steel was started in 1990 by Jeff. Over the last 23 years, Alstate has grown from a local steel fabricator to a leading provider of complete turn-key steel construction services in the Southwestern United States. In the spring of 2007, Jeff expanded the operation with a state-of-the-art fabrication plant spanning 8 acres and encompasses 24, 000 square feet of space.
Alstate continues to operate in their previous plant running miscellaneous metals and structural miscellaneous, combining both facilities with more than 32, 000 square feet of capacity for
steel fabrication.

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Cost-effective steel construction
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