Chris Wallis, President – Arizona

A Favorite Destination: Bayfield, CO
A Dream Destination: Split time on a tropical beach & Bayfield CO
A Hobby: Working Out
A Book: The Game / Think Grow Rich/ Outsiders/ Gorilla Mindset
A Song: “Are you with me” – Easton Corbin
A Drink: Coors Light / Jack & Coke / Water
First Car: H3 Playa Edition
Super Hero Power: Teleporting
Surprising Skill: Dog Whisperer
Coast, High Desert or Mountains: Tropical Beaches & Mountains
Words to Live By: LIVE RIGHT / You are a victim by the rules and limits you choose to live by.

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Cost-effective steel construction
Accelerated project schedules
Reduced life-cycle costs
Future adaptability to changing requirements
Ease of integration with other building systems
Space usage and layout flexibility