1. New Equipment

New Equipment News: ALSTATE STEEL Chandler AZ just received a new Pipe bender this will provide seamless handrails. and provide a very professional appearance

2. New Equipment

New Equipment: Alstate Steel just received two new forklifts one for our New Mexico shop and one for our shop in Chandler. AZ

3. Alstate Steel Awarded AGC Outstanding Specialty Contractor

Awards ALSTATE STEEL has been awarded the prestigious AGC award for Outstanding Specialty Contractor 3-28-14

4. Chris Glassford Promoted

Congratulations to Chris Glassford. Chris has been Promoted to Vice President of New Mexico operations.

5. Jeff Wallis Relocates to Queen Creek, AZ.

Jeff and Kelsey Wallis have relocated  to Queen Creek AZ . The couple have settled in with their 2 dogs.  Jeff is President of Chandler operations.

6. Israel Hernandez promoted to Yard Foreman

Congratulations to Israel Hernandez on his promotion to Yard Forman in New Mexico. His responsibilities include tracking and staging of all material in both yards. Israel was head of the paint department before his promotion .

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